The show season is now upon us and the krill extra has is now all finished and i have had a few flights on it now to get it all dialled in. The power plant im using is the mvvs 175 single spark which is proving very good. Its still in its running in phase but the power is crazy already even running on the 30 to 1 mix. Prop is the meijlik 32×12 and this is proving very good for downline braking aswell, also dosent rip which keeps the noise down. Servos are 7995 hitec with 7950 hitec x 2 for the rudder, these are high torque so only two needed for rudder. Powerbox is the royal and the smoke system is also the powerbox unit. Ive attached a couple off pictures but will post up more as the season progresses. Also have added a couple off photso with chris burkett fronm G force aerobatics, look out for the reveiw in rcme and also a great vid coming soon.

any questions regarding setup etc,dont hesitate to email.