Old warden Shuttleworth collection is an aviators dream airfeild. The historic aircraft flying there are just superb , so when team extra got the call to display at the sunset show, i could not beleive it. We arrived at oldwarden around 13.30 on the saturday and was greeted by low cloud a drizzle. Great, the last show off the season and we may not be able to fly the full schedule. After pilots breifing chris had managed to make the hop from littlegransden to oldwarden and incoming pilots were saying the cloud is lifting, there was hope on the horizon. Our display time was 18.45 Which by the time the flying started the cloud was lifting nicely breaking away the drizzle aswell. Sure enough we discussed flying the low cloud schedule but held hope for the cloud to lift. As soon as we had got preparred for our display the clouds broke to a shimmering sunset, superb. Chris put his navigation lights on and throughout the display it looked amazing. Many thanks to all the organisers off the shuttlewoth events as this airfeild is truly magical. Great crowd and great pilots, what a way to end the show season. Roll on 2015.IMG_5618