About Mike

Encouraged to take up the hobby by an aeromodelling grandfather, Mike started RC flying at the tender age of 9. He was taught to fly by his father and his first model was a three-channel Mercury Matador powered by an Enya .19 and controlled via Fleet radio, he flew solo within weeks.

In 1999 he joined the local Caterham model club and it was at this point that things got serious. A perennial WOT4 was replaced with a Summit F3A machine which was powered by an O.S 61, this was Mike’s first taste of precision aerobatics. In 2000 Mike entered his first aerobatics competition at the RCM&E British Freestyle¬†Championships. Flying his O.S 91FX powered Goldberg Extra he placed a respectable 10th.

After this he applied himself equally to F3A pattern aerobatics and Freestyle flying. In 2001 he won the new Advanced class at the RCM&E British Freestyle, the next year coming 3rd in his first pattern competition. He did one better and placed 2nd in the F3A at the 2004 Nats, then finishing 2nd in the Advanced class in F3A in 2005.

In 2005 Mike moved up to the Unlimited class at that years Freestyle, despite flying against the top pilots in the UK he acquitted himself well. But freestyle success would have to wait another year, 2006 bringing Mike’s first major trophy. He won every single Advanced class F3A competition that year, the Nationals included. Mike won the RCM&E British Freestyle in 2007 along with his first FAI competition. 2008 saw Mike take the BMFA top Gun aerobatics title at the nationals.

In 2009 Mike won numerous F3A-FAI comps and retained the Top Gun aerobatic title at the Nationals. 2010 saw Mike win the first HighAlpha Freestyle Aerobatic Shootout, flying his 3.1 meter 150cc CompARF Extra to overall victory and unlimited class victory. Mike repeated this feat again in 2011 and also managed to place 10th in the F3A World Cup which was also his first international competition. Mike has taken a break from competing during 2012 and has been seen flying in numerous demos and shows around the country.

Throughout all of this Mike has been a committed family man and now has a young son that will hopefully soon be following his fathers footsteps in the world of aeromodelling.