Please contact us if you require any more information about the following:

Demo Flights and Show flying

Mike is available for all types of events, ranging from small club events to major shows. Even indoor flying events are a possibility!

Film Stunt Work

Thanks to Mike’s extensive experience flying a wide variety of RC aircraft he is available to fly aircraft for stunt work in film productions.

Personal Aerobatic Tuition

Mike is available for one-to-one aerobatic tuition on all maneuvers and aerobatic schedules. This will usually take place on your aircraft but in certain circumstances Mike’s aircraft will be available as well.

Aircraft Test Flying and Setup

With Mike’s huge amount of experience flying all sorts of models he is well qualified to test fly new aircraft. Mikes expertise does not stop there however, he can also help you setup your model correctly. This applies especially to F3A and Freestyle Aerobatic aircraft and covers areas like CoG, thrust lines, wing/tail incidence adjustments and controls surface deflections (aileron differential etc).