X-Treme Composite Extra 330SC

The new Extra i am using this show season is from the composite airframe company named Xtreme composites. They have been specialising in various composites models for many years, and there range extends from the traditional scale fighters to F3A Competiton models and off course the Freestyle models such as the Extra, Edge 540 and the yak.

Xtreme composites built the Extra for me in the scale scheme which i fly the duo display with , chris burketts Extra330sp. The overall quality is very good indeed and the guys have completed a very pleasing product.

I will be talking all about the build in this blog and will also add some shots as the build was commencing . I hope it will be off interest and very helpful if anyone has one to build.

Hardware install:

The undercarraige and tail wheel assembly is a very easy bolt on affair. The main undercarraige is a one piece resin painted unit and is bolted straight to the airframe which has the captive nuts already installed. This is then covered with a small fairing which has several self tappers holding it in place. Next was the control horn install for the ailerons, rudder and elevators. The slots are already pre cut but these will need opening up slightly to allow a nice fit and alignment off the control horns. Once happy they are correct i used Hysol epoxy to glue these in place as this is the best slow cure substance for these due to its strength. With these all installed it was time to test fit the rudder for movement range check. This was found to be not enough movement left to right due to the control horns fouling on the fuselage. This was easily rectified by carefully dremeling a half circle on the rudder post at the area off the control horns.

The cowling is fixed with small blocks off plywood glued to the inside off the fuselage and captive nuts pressed into these. The canopy has these already fitted from the factory.

Servo install:

I chose to use the Hitec 7955 servos for the elevators and ailerons , 7950 hitec servos for the rudder. All the elevator servo mounting points are precut so the servos just slot into place and screw into the double ply former. The Ailerons require assembly off the servo mounts which are cnc cut and slot together followed by final gluing with Hysol epoxy.

These are then screwed into the mounts already fitted into the wing and forms a very strong mount indeed.

The rudder servos (x2) are mounted on the supplied install tray which is bolted to the inside off the fueslage.

Engine install:

My choice off power is the new ZDZ 180, this has a very good power output and has been modified with the new cnc crankcase configuration. As with other makes the ZDZ engines have a rotary valve rather than reed valve setup. This has the carburettor mounted at the rear so i had to cut a clearing on the firewall to acomodate the carb protruding slightly into the fueslage. The motor is mounted in the traditional way with standoffs at a size off 47mm.

Tank install:

The fuel tanks are fitted on two platforms which are supplied cnc cut and slot together followed by cyano. The main fuel tank is insatlled on the wing tube which is hysol epoxied to the tube. The smoke tank i fitted just rear off the rudder panel tray but be warned this does effect the cg slightly but not drastically.

For final radio install i fitted the powerbox royal and x2 futaba 14channel R6014 Receiver. The power box system allows me to adjust each servo individualy and match the geometry perfectly. This also allows for a redundant receiver setup which allows for more protective safety should one receiver loose its frequency. The batterys are also montored as a battery back up allowing 2x 2s opti power lipos to be installed and montitored. The engine ignition i used the opti power 2s pack with the power box regulator switch to reduce voltage to 5 volts.

Flight tests:

Since writing this i have maged to get out and fly the Extra even in this harsh winter weather, but initiall test so far are very good and i cannot wait for the show seasomn to begin.

I hope this breif insight will help but if theres any mor info required please feel free to contact me via the website.


MikeIMG_5280 IMG_5282 IMG_5283 IMG_5334 IMG_5348 IMG_5349 IMG_5350 IMG_5358 IMG_5358 IMG_5359 IMG_5383 IMG_5630 IMG_5631 IMG_5634 IMG_5647 IMG_5648 IMG_5646 IMG_5747 IMG_5748 IMG_5777 IMG_5783 IMG_5775 IMG_5785 IMG_5820 IMG_5844 IMG_5989 IMG_5996 (2) IMG_6019 IMG_6033 IMG_6030